Vision without Action is a Daydream.
Action without Vision is a Nightmare.

You can Transform Strategic Vision into Tactical Implementation (we can help!)

  • Evaluate and Benchmark Your PM Maturity Level
    Using an internationally proven — yet simple — PM Maturity Model, we facilitate your own self-assessment of your maturity and bench-mark that against a large international data base of similar organizations. This includes an objective SWOT analysis related to six important dimensions of project management. This can be achieved in 3 days for most organizations.
  • Define Your PM Improvement Strategies
    We guide your team to design prioritized strategies that build on your strengths and bolster areas of weakness to produce an improvement plan consisting of a series of prioritized steps that will move you to the top levels of PM Maturity. Research proves that higher maturity levels produce greater project success.
  • Implement a Sustainable and Evolving Project Management Office/PMO Function
    An important first step in executing your PM improvement strategies is often the establishment of the PMO function at the most appropriate level of your organization. The initial scope of responsibilities of your PMO must be defined carefully with the intent to evolve slowly, building on achieved success. We assist you with this design and implementation to use your existing staff to the greatest extent possible, and recommend needed training to develop and improve the needed skills.
  • Improve Your PM and Related Business Processes and Tools
    Your maturity bench-marking will indicate where known best practices must be applied to achieve needed improvements in your PM processes, practices, and information system tools. Our experienced practitioners work with your staff to transfer rapidly to them the needed expertise and knowledge in project planning, scheduling, controls, and reporting. When we are finished, you will be able to rely upon your in-house expertise in the areas of schedule management, cost management, risk management, contract administration, change control, and organizational alignment.
  • Program and Project Portfolio Management
    For those larger organizations that are planning and executing a number of multi-project programs and portfolios of programs and projects, we provide experienced assistance in improving your Project Portfolio Management Process and implementing the needed tools to provide the integrated information required for successful portfolio management.
  • Project Performance Evaluations
    We facilitate and conduct performance evaluations of on-going projects with the objective of providing in-progress changes to alleviate and improve adverse situations to help assure the project’s success.
  • Outsourcing and Assistance
    We provide staffing assistance, on either a short- or long-term basis, of experienced people with specific skills and knowledge, ranging from one person to a complete project controls team, tailored to meet the needs at hand. We also provide assistance to your recruiting program for experienced project management staff members.