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Current Associates (in alphabetical order):

David Hulett

Hulett & Associates’ professional disciplined, experienced and dedicated experts will help you  achieve project success. (

Providing project management services, support and training to companies and government agencies, Hulett’s expertise includes the key disciplines necessary for success in a project -oriented environment: risk analysis and management, project scheduling, project cost estimating, earned value management systems, and overall project management.

Kendall Kunz

Bellevue Technology Partners is a management consultancy, specializing in Breakthrough Planning and Execution. Breakthroughs, by definition, remove constraints. No business can achieve and sustain market leadership without establishing a track record of breakthroughs. ( and

MANAGING IN THE NOW is for leaders who are searching for what is relevant in an increasingly competitive world and don’t have the time to read a wheelbarrow full of books. It bridges the divide between the drivers of social media, cloud computing, and the millennial workforce and explains what leaders must do to leverage these shifts to create competitive advantage.

Bill Seidman

Cerebyte’s TRANSFORM process enables your company to begin significant performance improvement in just 10 days. (

TRANSFORM uses the latest science to integrate human support and persuasive technology to produce extraordinary performance. However you define your performance challenge, Cerebyte’s TRANSFORM process can help.

The Payoff: Quickly and efficiently create a high performance corporate culture.

Murray Woolf

Murray Woolf, PMP is president of the International Center for Scheduling, Inc, which he founded in 2006 as his response to the number of challenges facing the Scheduling Practice in the United States and globally.

ICS (, through its ten divisions,  once fully operational, will be the largest for-profit construction scheduling organization in the world, offering scheduling, training, research, consulting, recruitment, and other essential services.

Murray has more than 34 years of hands-on experience in project controls, project management, training, consulting, and dispute resolution, virtually all within the construction industry. Across his career, he has provided planning and scheduling services on more than 125 projects worldwide, with combined value estimated at around $28 billion.

Murray is the inventor of numerous scheduling and project management innovations, including Momentum Management, Dilemma Forecasting, Dominant Paths, Network Reverse Pass Calculation, Proiect Facilitation, Project Navigation, Cognitive Project Management, Performance Intensity, Discrete Activity Float, Schedule Resiliency, Schedule Vulnerability, and many more.