P2M3 – Prado Project Management Maturity Model

Benefits from Determining Your Project Management Maturity

Measuring an organization’s maturity in project management is accomplished by applying a PM maturity model to each major category of projects within the organization. It is meaningless to measure PM maturity for the organization as a whole without reference to the type or category of projects that exist within the organization. For example, one company that is highly mature in managing engineering/procurement/construction facilities projects is often extremely low in maturity in managing its new product or information systems projects.

The benefits of determining your PM maturity by project category are:

  • Benchmarking your company or agency against your competitors, and
  • Developing a realistic plan of action to improve your project, program, and portfolio management capabilities to increase your rate of successful projects and your overall competitiveness.

Which PM Maturity Model Should You Use?

There are many PM maturity models to choose from, including:

· PRINCE2™ Maturity Model (P2MM©) (OGC-UK Government):

· Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Maturity Model (P3M3©) (OGC-UK Government):

· Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3®) (PMI):

· Prado PMM Model (Brazil):

Archibald Associates
We Recommend Using this Prado PM Maturity Model for the following advantages:

• Simplicity: Just 40 questions
• Universality: Applicable to any organization or project type
• Easy to use: 1 or 2 hours of training
• Produces an index to differentiate and measure your organization’s abilities to succeed in project management
• Clearly shows where improvements are needed
• Proven by over 6 years of broad research in Brazil and, more recently, in Spain, Portugal and Italy

Archibald Associates
Archibald Associates Will Facilitate Application of the Prado PM Maturity Model in Your Organization:

  • We will lead a three day workshop with your key people

This model is applied on-line at no cost while maintaining confidentiality.
Produces a realistic benchmark of your PM maturity for your important project categories.

  • We will compile the results

Your Organization’s Questions, Answers, Strengths, and Weaknesses will be delivered in a single, easy to understand document

  • We will work with you to develop Project Management Improvement Plans

PM Improvement Plans result in clear strategy with commitment by your key people for short and long-term growth

  • We will work with you to carry out those plans to improve your Project Management Capabilities

Our experienced professionals will work with your organization to guide you toward a more profitable future
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